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English is a language that was once considered to be the language of the rich and always as the rich language. Future-ready kids ought to improve their pronunciation for global level exposure. The person who speaks English confidently draws the attention of others. What if you speak well but the pronunciation is unpleasant? Hence, We give you a hand to get the pronunciation. English speakers are often worried about their pronunciation. The greatest challenge for a non-native speaker is to overcome the mother tongue influence. Everybody wants to sound like a native speaker. We need to be on foot to understand the varieties of English spoken in different parts  of the world.
We help you overcome the mother tongue influence; guide you with personal attention with the position of mouth organs. English is a stressed language. Most of the non-native speakers fail to understand it or they aren’t even aware of it. They don’t give importance to intonation too. 


How Impresiv English?

Krithi’sImpresiv English earlier called as Krithi’s Communicative English was founded by K.Subhasree in 2020 when the kids were locked inside four walls during the pandemic. It was established with a goal of giving the knowledge of proper pronunciation and good accent to the kids and adults of India and people around, who struggle to get rid of the mother tongue influence. It also aims to develop oratory skills and nurture public speaking skills in kids who struggle to break the bars. In addition to skill development in kids, we also help adults and teachers to improve their English speaking skills.

What is Impresiv English?

We firmly promote the idea – English is not just a language, it’s an identity. It gives you an identity. Speaking English with good pronunciation and accent gets you an identity.

We enhance arena to enhance the English speaking skills of all age groups. Our evidence of teaching and learning has been proved among language aspirants in India and abroad. We are specialized in giving Communicative/Spoken English training for kids and adults with a specific emphasis on pronunciation.  Speaking English with good pronunciation and accent gets you an identity.

Why choose us?

There is no doubt that the school curriculum provides ample knowledge about basic grammar, vocabulary, and other comprehensive skills in English. What about pronunciation?

Good pronunciation and accent are great arts of a language. They leave a good impression on a person who masters them. In that vision, We aid you to create a good impression with your pronunciation.

If the answer is yes then you have a choice for your kid. That is Krithi’sImpresiv English.

We Provide

All in One -Immersion session

This is specially designed for school students. They learn Pronunciation, Basic grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Storytelling, Pubic speaking skills, Spoken English, Extempore, Storytelling, Role Play, Picture talk, News reading, News Reporting and many more activities which bring them as confident communicators.

Know the magic letters

We teach the magic letters that can help you understand the nuances to groom your language. The non native speakers pronounce most of the letter sounds similar to the sounds in their mother tongue. By changing the pronunciation of few letters the language can be tuned as quickly as a flash.

Understand the pronunciation tricks

Pronunciation development is not merely with the sounds. You end up in vain without knowing the tricks about the position of the tongue and other parts of mouth related to articulation. Wonder what tricks? Join us

Develop your LSR Skills in pronunciation

We aim in developing LSR Skills –Listening, Speaking, and Reading skills in you with a special focus on pronunciation. We help you to implement powerful ways to develop your pronunciation

Fun way of learning

Our lesson plans are designed to kick your interest to learn the language and realize the beauty of English. Tongue twisters, Imitation exercises, Listen-repeat, read aloud, read and retell activities engage the participants .

No writing works

We don’t go with pen and paperwork. We provide real learning opportunities and engage you with tasks.

Our Special features

Our classes give chances, set high expectations and meet it on time. It provides a distinct structure, understands your need and guides you on time.

Does Impresiv English train to improve one’s accent?

An accent is a distinct way of pronouncing a language and it relies on the region. Indian accent is recognized worldwide still the pronunciation of  few sounds like R, T, W, and some other sounds make our accent unpleasant and unattractive.

Everyone is concerned about getting an American accent or British accent and then trying to imitate or copy the native speakers. A non-native speaker has a misconception that only the accent of the native speaker is right. English is spoken in different accents in different parts of the world. Even in countries where English is their predominant language people speak in different accents.  Too much of a native speaker’s influence will not help in developing a good accent.

Therefore,  we train you to get a good accent. We assist you to understand the articulation, pronunciation, stress and intonation of the language. The knowledge of these and having a continuous attention towards native speakers help you to gain a good accent. We train you to get the pronunciation with reference to the phonetic transcription of the words.