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About Us

From the founder


K.Subhasree M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, DNMTT

Edupreneur, Trainer
Certified In Teaching English Phonetics
CPD -Jolly Phonics
Don’t be the one among the crowd, be the one who conquers the crowd. Conquer the crowd with your English speaking skills.

Hi, aspiring communicators…

I dream of leaving a strong impression on every word of mine. Everyone chooses a path based on their desire. I have chosen the strength of my mine-pronunciation. I have been teaching kids since 2012. I strongly believe-Hidden talents counts for nothing. In the schools where I worked, I noticed that only one student from each class was able to be a stage conqueror and an effective communicator.

That one student received all the major opportunities to represent the school in the public forum. The other students remained unnoticed, unidentified, and not recognized. As a matter of fact, is that the other students neither knew how to be trained nor know how to prepare. This made a great impact and got engraved in the paths where ever I moved and so emerged Krithi’s Impresiv English. Krithi’s Communicative English which is renamed as Krithi’sImpresiv English in May 2022.

I strongly insist on the need of developing public speaking skills in all kids. All students must be trained to be effective communicators and confident public speakers. They must be ready to strive to achieve their dream with sound communication skills.

The kids who are non native English speakers struggle to get the pronunciation, accent and intonation to present themselves better before the crowd. So when they grow up, they struggle to meet the need of the era. The kids must be trained to overcome mother tongue influence. In my teaching career I  have trained many kids for competitions .They have given breath taking moments for the judge and made them gasp for a while. 

Notable Achievement

Speaker in Model Parliament-MS University (2008)
Swami Vivekananda Award(2010)- Bharathi Yuva Kendra Madurai
Women Achiever Award-JCI Femstars(2021)
Honored by Chalk and Duster-Women of Excellence(2022)
Women of Achievement-Thai Arts(2022)