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School Students

Young learners

Our young learners batch is exclusively for kids of age 4.5-6. Kids enjoy learning phonics, pronunciation, conversation, art of story telling and public speaking.

Junior Batch

IMPRESIV’s Junior batch is for students of classes 1-5. Kids learn pronunciation, basic grammar, vocabulary, conversation, story telling, grammar talk, picture talk, art of role play and public speaking.

Senior Batch

IMPRESIV’s Senior batch is for students of classes 6-12. Students will learn news reading, news reporting, debate, argument, extempore and public speaking.

Adult's Batch (Age 18+)

Fluency development training

Our fluency development session deals with
what to do? What to change? How to change?
We teach basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. NO pen and paperwork. We create room for the participants to speak. Activities like read aloud, read and retell, role play, topic talk, situational talk, agree disagree, debate, mock meetings help the participants to overcome the struggle in becoming fluent. Regular exercises and comprehensive feedback direct them in the right way.

Lets pronounce

Our Let’s pronounce is a WhatsApp learning session designed exclusively for improving pronunciation. Speaking English is not an uphill battle but proving the pronunciation is still a doubt. Take it beyond the doubts by enrolling yourself for Let’s pronounce session of Impresiv English. We teach Magic letters, pronunciation tricks, mispronounced words, and ways to overcome mother tongue influence.

Teachers-Tune to teach

The teachers set themselves as an example when they stand before the students and create a good impression among the student community.

KCE’s Tune to teach is designed exclusively for the teachers. The programme includes classroom conversation, pronunciation of magic letters, pronunciation of words commonly used in a classroom, classroom phrases, intonation, ways to overcome mother tongue influence, and revealing the unrevealed mistakes in a classroom conversation.

We help the teachers to rejuvenate and shine like a star in front of the kids.

English Writing

English Writing is for students who need basic skills in writing. Basic grammar, Story writing, paragraph writing, handwriting, and other Creative Writing are taught.

The sessions are designed based on the need of the batch

Non profit works

English is a rich and glamorous language but Is English only for the rich? We are still in a society where English classes are affordable only for the rich. Students in renowned schools have good exposure to English but others don’t. We feel exhilarated to take part in back to community work. Free Online sessions are conducted for kids and adults. We also manage a Free Whatsapp English learning group named ARIVOM AANGILAM(since Dec 2020), active with 120+ participants through which the participants get the topics and exercises every day. Necessary feedback is also given regularly.

Our students took part in  COVID e-awareness program EACH ONE REACH ONE – MGNCRE-Dept of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.